BBC functions through setting the ethical operational directions. It expects to ensure transparent & accountable working culture to promote good governance within the organization to ensure BBC’s founding ‘Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives and also the Values as per the BBC constitution. The team affirms to work together productively as per the organization’s rules, regulations and also direction from the BBC’s Annual General Assembly This Anti-corruption Policy (ACP) of the BBC applies to its general assembly & executive committee members, employees, and volunteers. The purpose of the ACP is to maintain integrity in all kinds of personal and organizational transactions internally and in relation to donors. Any violation of this policy will be treated as described in this Anti-corruption Policy. The Nepalese anti-graft body defines corruption as “offence punishable under the current laws relating to the elimination of corruption & abuse of authority means an improper action as mentioned in clauses” . With this national legal provision against corruption, BBC describes corruption as the “misuse of public authority for personal benefits”. Thus, BBC ensures accountability towards its target population, network members and donors to achieve results through ensuring high level of integrity in its all activities. To read the whole Anti-Corruption Policy, Please Click Here